Exhibition day at the Biennale with an act, videos and one book!

19 nov 2022|

All the young artists and partners are ready to show their videos to the judges, Anne Marie Fisker, Build AAU, Professor Mark Pimlott, Delft University, and Professor Gennaro Postiglione, Politecnico. We sensed some nerves and excitement before the young artists did their act, which they have practiced throughout the week – The act was beautiful and mysterious, which initiated the videos quite well. After the presentation of the videos, the two Danish architects Hans Ramsgaard Møller and Patrick Ronge Vinther presented the final book that they just made in this one week! – Incredible work We want to say thank [...]

Last rehearsal to the performance!

18 nov 2022|

Practice, practice & practice. All the young artists are dedicated in the performance and it looks beautiful when they are rehearsing – We cannot wait until tomorrow to see the finished performance.

Finalizing the videos!

18 nov 2022|

Close to the deadline! All the teams have been working very hard to meet the deadline and now all the last editing is coming to an end! They all look very tired and definitely in need of a drink afterwards. Such a great job they all have done and now they can look forward to recharge themselves and get spoiled the whole evening – They deserve it!

‘Rock & roll’ at the Biannale!

18 nov 2022|

It was time for the Biannale and get some new thoughts and inspiration before they have to submit the videos at 17.30! complex art was presented at the pavilions at the Gardini and everyone thought it was awesome – or ‘Rock & Roll’ as Kalinka would say’!   A lot of vial, disturbing and  

Bringing their A game!

18 nov 2022|

After the feedback session yesterday the teams are left to them self to create more content to the artistic movies and they are all bringing their A game for thinking out of the box and the line between food and art is getting thin. – Even though they are all in a time pressure, it is often here the most unpredictable creations come to life. The teams is getting feedback from Davide Calvaresi & Valeria Colonnella, 7 – 8 Chili in order to strengthen their visions.

A peaceful surprise

17 nov 2022|

Another surprise for all the young artists is that they are going to perform at the Biennale with a theatrical performance of movements. They all started with slow, calming exercises to get into the spirit and afterwards they slowly turned it into beautiful movements and with orange gloves. Just what was needed after the first workshop – and with a little more practice it is going to look wonderful. (They just have to believe it themselves)

Hard working writers!

17 nov 2022|

Professor Mark Pimlott, Hans Ramsgaard Møller and Patrick Ronge Vinther is all working very hard to make the book come true. Notes, pictures and concentration is piled up and one of the rooms of the apartment has become the space of ‘Decision Accelerators’. We have only seen sneak peeks of the book, but it is starting to look great and there is no doubt that the content will be just as good!  

It smells of creativity

17 nov 2022|

The teams now have time to explore their theme and get the process started of producing material for their videos and let’s just say the content looks VERY creative for now – smells of pastry, herps and fruits have filled up the room! Later the teams will present how far they are in their process and their new visons for the final art piece, that is going to be presented at the Biannale in just two days.  

Fresh start with feedback and discussion

17 nov 2022|

Today we started the day off with a fresh start with a morning walk to the apartment! All the teams got feedback on their different ideas and interpretations of their videos. – And for sure all the teams had very exiting directions to go off with and after a discussion with the partners they are hopefully more clear in their visons!  

We are moving location!

16 nov 2022|

We are moving location to a big apartment! Katja Seerup Clausen, Alchemist, Cph. initiated the apartment by a truly inspiring presentation of the experience at Alchemist and how their interoperation of combing art and food to give a unique experience. Katja came with a rather rotten surprise of ‘molded’ bread inspired by the tales of Hans Christian Andersen ‘Soup on a sausage stick’ Afterwards Professor Mark Pimlott, Delft University made an impressing and inspiring presentation of his work of photography filled with historical storylines. We finished the evening off with no less than a 3 course dinner, prepared by Magnus [...]

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