Event identification: E7

Event Title: The UpCreate International Workshop Multiplier Event

Event description: The 7th UpCreate Multiplier Event (E7)The UpCreate International Workshop Multiplier Event is also the final UpCreate Multiplier Event. E7 will be facilitated by Aalborg University and take place at the International Art Biennale 2022 in Venice, Italy.

E7 will present UpCreate and examples of cases and activities during the project period. Special attention will be given to Intellectual Output 8 and the promotion of The Final UpCreate Handbook (IO9), to secure the sustainability of UpCreate and support the importance of Food and Arts and our shared cultural heritage to introduce new and innovative learning methods and approaches to social inclusion despite the distance from COVID-19.
E7 will include oral presentations of UpCreate, followed by insights and results, showcasing of UpCreate Competition winners’ contributions and finally include open discussions and Q&A sessions. The purpose of the Multiplier Event E7 is to promote and create awareness of The UpCreate Handbook and the UpCreate project in general. It will focus on promoting not only the progress, the findings and results, but also the knowledge share of the new and innovative learning approach and methodology developed during the project related to the overall topic of art and food. The Multiplier Event will be promoted through local, national and international media to reach a broader audience of both kids, young people, adults, researchers, practitioners etc. with an interest in arts and food and our shared cultural heritage. Additionally, to secure wider dissemination, the multiplier event will be live-streamed to the other UpCreate Partners and other interests internationally through the UpCreate website (www.upcreate.eu). Importantly, the UpCreate Final Multiplier Event (E7) will be held at the International Art Biennale 2022 in Venice, which benefits UpCreate, as this is a huge international event with great exposure potential

Activity Leading Organisation: AALBORG UNIVERSITET

Start & End date: 04.11.2022 – 05.11.2022