Event identification: E1

Event Title: The Art of Food

Event description: E1 – The Art of Food will present UpCreate, its terms and conditions and the benefits of participating in an EU Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership. It will emphasize the interdisciplinary and multicultural collaboration within UpCreate and explain the importance of projects like this, in the strange and uncertain times of COVID-19.

E1 – The Art of Food will present new, innovative and creative methods to food. Alchemist TasteLab will show experiments with foods and discover new, innovative and magical ways to discover, prepare, eat and reuse food. The Lab exercises will look into Food as Art and the  Art of cooking with a magical approach to motivate and inspire young people to engage with food.

Multiplier Event E1 will promote and create awareness of The Art of Food, The UpCreate Handbook (IO9) and the UpCreate project as a whole.  It will focus on promoting not only the progress, the findings and results, but also the knowledge share of the new and innovative learning approach and methodology developed during the project related to the overall topic of Food and Arts.

The aim of E1 is to promote food as art and to present examples of how to innovate and work creatively with food in the context of art.  The exercises and experiments will be described in manuals that will lay the foundation for further work in IO2, IO3, IO4, IO5, IO6 and IO8.  Further, the description, manuals and guidelines will be included in the final UpCreate Handbook.

The Multiplier Event will be promoted through local and national media to reach a broader audience of both kids, young people, adults,  researchers, practitioners etc. with an interest in Food and Arts and our shared cultural heritage. Additionally, to secure wider dissemination, the Multiplier Event E1 will be live-streamed to the other UpCreate Partners and other interests internationally through the UpCreate  Website (www.up-create.eu).

Activity Leading Organisation: Taste Lab

Start & End date: 21.07.2021 – 23.07.2021