Event Title: The UpCreate Kick Off Training Event

Fields: Youth education

Activity Type: SP HE SHORT Short term joint staff training events

Event description: The 1 st UpCreate Learning, Teaching and Training Activity (C 1 will be held in April 2021 in Skagen Denmark and will
be facilitated by the leading partner, Aalborg University (AAU).
The place is chosen as it is a place close to both AAU as well as Art Museums Skagen, and will therefore have accessible meeting facilities, where several of the partners have previously participated in successful meetings of a similar nature. The activity type of C1 will be a Short-term joint staff training event, and the duration will be 3 working days and will be scheduled in a way to ensure the easiest and most cost-effective travel itinerary for the participating partners. The meeting is planned as a physical event, but due to the current COVID-19 situation, the MC will keep a close eye on the situation and will be ready to employ the contingency plans that have been made in the preparation phase (See the section Preparation). If a physical meeting is not possible, or not possible for all, the meeting might transform into a partial or complete digital event, however, this will be conducted with the same agenda and goals as originally intended if the meeting is conducted as a physical event as planned, the hosting partner, AAU, will ensure that everything is facilitated in a way to ensure that all activities are conducted in the safest way possible for all participants.

C1 will take the form of a kick-off workshop with a mix of lectures, presentations by the participants will also include a thorough introduction to the project by the project leader Anna Marie Fisker and the administration at Aalborg University. This Short term joint staff training event will be dedicated to deconstruct, discuss and workshop the UpCreate objectives, goals and plans for all Intellectual Outputs, Multiplier Events and Learning, Teaching and Training Activities. This will be done to ensure a common understanding of the project and secure a detailed overview for partners to work together Furthermore, during this first Short-term joint staff training event, all partners will present their thoughts and perspectives on the Intellectual Output 1 – The UpCreate Framework and Intellectual Output 9 -The UpCreate Handbook. This will be done to ensure that the methodological framework and the structure of the final output of the project are designed, evaluated and clear to all UpCreate partners.

An important goal of C 1 is for partners to get the opportunity to learn from each other, give feedback, workshop, discuss, and begin the development of the new innovative approaches that will be implemented, tested and evaluated in the following Intellectual Outputs. This will include different workshops where partners discuss the parameters and specific goals of the respective UpCreate Competitions including Competition briefs, the production of digital educational material, criteria for selection winners etc.

The 1st UpCreate Short term joint staff training event C1 will contribute to making the participants comfortable with the overall innovative aims and approaches of the project and will allow the UpCreate partners to develop a solid collaborative and interdisciplinary foundation for the successful execution of the  Intellectual Outputs. The form of the short term joint staff training event will also work as a catalyst for the cross sectoral collaboration between participants.  This is an essential aspect since the UpCreate project is based on a high degree of such interdisciplinary interaction, which will successfully support the achievement of the project’s innovative objectives. C1 will be based on active participation, where all participating partners will be expected to work positively to develop, present, discuss, and evaluate with their colleagues, resulting in the formation of a dynamic and effective partner group. Hereby, UpCreate will also ensure that all participants will gain key competencies and skills as part of their professional development, offer them “mobility capital” within Europe and beyond, and thereby placing them as agents of change in their local environments.
The 1st UpCreate Short-term joint staff training event will be held in conjunction with a closed Transnational Meeting (M1) to optimize project resources and reduce overall travel costs and environmental impact.
Participants will include at least one person from each of the UpCreate partners.

Country of Venue: Denmark