Output identification: O9

Output Title: The UpCreate Handbook

Output description: Intellectual Output 9 The UpCreate Handbook (IO 9 is led by Aalborg University ( but will be joined by all partners and tested and evaluated continuously throughout the project at Learning, Teaching, Training Activities (C1-C6) in an iterative process of development, implementation and evaluation.

The UpCreate Handbook will collect, edit and publish all relevant material and outputs from IO 1 IO 8 completed and formulated throughout the project period. This will include the UpCreate Competition Manuals, the Digital Educational Materials and UpCreate Competition briefs (IO2-IO6) as well as selected winner entries and outputs from Multiplier Events (E1-E6) and the UpCreate International Workshop at the International Art Biennale 2022 in Venice (IO8 + E7). The UpCreate Handbook will be a complete instructional guidebook, containing detailed manuals and guides to the different UpCreate activities and outputs Aalborg University will take the lead, and supervise and facilitate feedback sessions with the UpCreate partners to ensure the quality of the material All material in The UpCreate Handbook will be formulated and disseminated to ensure that it can be transferred, exploited and implemented ‘as is’ or scaled to fit specific needs, contexts and capacities. Doing so, the project ensures that relevant audiences can easily benefit from the results The UpCreate Handbook will contain recommendations on how other cultural institutions in Europe can further develop the different UpCreate activities in their own specific contexts The UpCreate Handbook will, therefore, be an important tool to secure the intention of wide applicability and transferability of the insights and detailed information developed throughout the project.

The UpCreate Handbook will target several relevant audiences on several levels: On a local level, the target audiences are young people and cultural institutions who might use the insights to creatively make innovation in their local environments. On a broader local and regional level, the target audiences are municipalities and cultural actors on a wider scale as well as stakeholder organisations who could be interested and benefit from the insights and results from the creative partnership On a national level, the target audiences are governmental authorities and non-governmental organisations who have interests in education, youth, culture and art-related issues and policies on a national level On the EU/international level, the target audiences are EU related authorities and organisations, as well as international non-governmental organisations who have interests in education, youth, culture and art-related issues and policies on an EU or international level.

The UpCreate Handbook will be produced as a digital book in PDF format and will be available via the project website (www.upcreate.eu) at the end of the project, as well as on relevant EU platforms such as the Erasmus+ Results Platform Doing so, the project ensures that the innovative insights, solutions and outputs of the UpCreate project are made freely accessible for all interested audiences across Europe. This open-access publication will secure the optimal and wide dissemination, and the pedagogical instructions, suggestions and scaling options will secure the project’s future applicability and transferability The impact of The UpCreate Handbook is expected to be high, as it will be an accessible and pedagogical way to disseminate the UpCreate activities and solutions, as well as the project as a whole to a wide range of different target groups. It is, therefore, the expectation, that The UpCreate Handbook will secure the sustainability of the project, as the insights, experiences and the valuable knowledge accumulated throughout the project period can be passed on to a wide audience across Europe, easily available for application, and therefore also optimising the overall impact.

Leading Organisation: AALBORG UNIVERSITET
Start & End date 1.3.2021 – 28.02.2023