Output identification: O8

Output Title: The UpCreate International Workshop
Output description:
Intellectual Output 8 (IO8) is led by Aalborg University (and aims to activate young people in local, national, and European cultural heritage IO8 will focus on developing a program that will present the UpCreate project at a large European cultural venue This presentation includes the winners of the UpCreate Competitions focusing on Painting and Food (IO2) Theatre, Performance and Food (IO3) Sculpture and Food (IO4) Architecture and Food (IO5) and Music and Food (IO6). The program will gather and synthesize the intellectual and creative insights gained throughout the former events and local competitions (IO2-IO6) to be presented at a large, public event An international session at the International Art Biennale 2022 in Venice.

Aalborg University will develop, design, and facilitate the UpCreate International Workshop that will focus on the further development of the winning proposals The International Art Biennale 2022 in Venice is a bi-annual international art event that attracts more than 500.000 art interested visitors The Biennale was inaugurated in 1895 and is today considered one of the largest cultural institutions and events
in the world Participating in a session at the International Art Biennale 2022 in Venice will provide significant international exposure to the young people, to the network of participating partners, and to the project at large By granting the young people the possibility to present themselves, their work and ideas at a venue and institution the size of the International Art Biennale 2022 in Venice they will be empowered, learn necessary tools and competencies and gain valuable experiences to develop innovative and creative solutions for the contemporary societal challenges in their local environments and Europe at large.

Initially in IO8 Aalborg University will produce a competition brief that will describe a specific topic for the competition. The Session will gather partners and the young people participating, showcasing winners and their winning proposals from the UpCreate Competitions (IO2-IO6). The Session will centre around a workshop where representatives from the partner institutions will supervise their respective winner in a formal, informal and non formal learning environment to further develop their winning proposals This assignment will focus on recontextualising the innovative solutions for the new context in the International Art Biennale 2022 in Venice. The workshop will take the form of a friendly competitive format, aiming at developing and subsequently identifying the best social innovative solution regarding our European cultural heritage across the winning proposals. This workshop environment will ensure that the young people will acquire competencies that utilize creativity and innovation that will enable them to take the position as local entrepreneurs around Europe. The presentation of the results will take place during the final Multiplier Event (E7) which will be the Session at the International Art Biennale 2022 in Venice.

During the competition period, Aalborg University in collaboration with all the partners will continuously engage with the young people participating by facilitating lectures in the plenum and individual supervision, for the participants to be heard and get feedback on the development of their contributions This, to secure an iterative process regarding the learning outcome, as well as a social interactive possibility.

The Venue allows the participating partners and the young people to interact with the art interested audience visiting the International Art Biennale 2022 in Venice. By interacting with the audience, the innovative solutions will be renewed and improved in a co-creation and participatory approach in a synergy between the young innovators, the partners, and the audience.

The assignment will be developed according to the chosen theme at the International Art Biennale 2022 the discourse surrounding the event, and our shared European cultural heritage The specificity of the assignment will be developed and defined in collaboration among the partners Finally, IO 8 and the collection of partners will develop manuals for the UpCreate Handbook (IO9) and entries for the UpCreate Booklet (IO7) including learning tools and facilitation procedures to the UpCreate International Workshop The manuals will include how-to guides and recommendations for up or downscaling The manual will be developed by cultural partners in collaboration with IO8 leader Aalborg University and will provide pedagogical considerations and recommendations securing not only the dissemination and transferability of IO8 but also the sustainability of UpCreate.

Leading Organisation: AALBORG UNIVERSITET
Start & End date 1.4.2021 – 31.12.2022