Output identification: O7

Output Title: The UpCreate Scientific Articles Booklet

Output description: Intellectual Output 7 (IO7) is led by Aalborg University and aims to promote UpCreate continuously during the project period at formal, informal and non formal educational levels The content will include dissemination of project results and findings, as well as best practices to add new research and practical based knowledge to the general public as well as to the academic, educational and practice-oriented world.

UpCreate will publish 3 scientific articles during the project period The scientific articles will include both preliminary and final results and findings and will be published in relevant European research fora, enabling the distribution and transferral of knowledge and find ings from the project to a wider audience of researchers, scientific communities and the public at large The scientific articles will be aimed at peer review level scientific publications and conferences focusing on UpCreate’s objectives and elements of creativity, as well as the impact on facilitating innovation and entrepreneurship in European interdisciplinary collaboration In order to secure a high transferability potential, the scientific articles will share experiences with i.e UpCreate Competitions, which has been developed, executed and evaluated during the project period The scientific articles will each have a subject, which is described below:

Publication 1 (P1): P1 will document the state of the art of UpCreate i.e focus on UpCreate as a European project developing new and innovative approaches and methods to connect young people digitally with an educational purpose that combine the theme of Food and Art and our shared cultural heritage This publication will focus on how the combination of European Art and Food can spark innovation and entrepreneurship with young people while fostering social inclusion.

Publication 2 (P2): P2 will focus on the UpCreate Competitions, the design, development and evaluation, and will share the experiences by analysing one to two case studies from UpCreate and how they contribute to new formal, informal and non formal learning among young people.

Publication 3 (P3): P3 will examine the theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of the new UpCreate Competitions created throughout the project period The publication will examine how UpCreate can best be implemented, sustained and further developed to secure the maximum impact and sustainability.

Additionally, IO7 will develop and produce the UpCreate Booklet with the results from the UpCreate competitions and the UpCreate International Workshop (IO 8 presented in an easily readable and visually pleasing way for a wider European audience The aim of this Booklet is to promote and present the young people, the partner institutions and the UpCreate project to the general European public enhance cultural awareness and put the focus on our shared cultural heritage.

IO7 aims at promoting UpCreate in the academic world by publishing articles that analyse, document, discuss and evaluate the UpCreate outputs and activities Further, it aims to promote UpCreate to the broader public by making the scientific articles and the booklet developed by Aalborg University, available on the UpCreate website (www.upcreate.eu) and at the Aalborg University online research database to provide them with UpCreate knowledge IO7 aims to raise awareness about the project and motivate current and future young people, practitioners, artists, researchers etc to innovative and entrepreneurial thinking. It is expected that by disseminating the project in these fora will increase the awareness of the UpCreate project, its applicability and transferability.

The overall aim of IO 7 is to exchange knowledge and illustrate the benefits of UpCreate and UpCreate objectives, as well as the possibilities of working interdisciplinary and multicultural in an EU Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership.

Leading Organisation: AALBORG UNIVERSITET
Start & End date 1.4.2021 – 31.12.2022