Output identification: O3

Output Title: UpCreate The Art of Theatre Performance
Output description: Intellectual Output 3 (IO 3 is led by Associazione Marchigiana Attività Teatrali ( and aims to activate young people in local, national and European cultural heritage through the topic of Theatre Performance and Food IO 3 will strengthen action competencies related to innovation and entrepreneurship among young people in Europe in ways that will inspire creativity and innovative new solutions, the rediscovery of our shared cultural heritage, and the active participation in shaping the future of Europe.

AMAT will develop, design and facilitate the UpCreate Art of Theatre Performance Competition regarding their main topic The Art of Performance Theatre, with food AMAT is a non profit association of local and regional authorities of the Marche Region and both public and private cultural entities may be members of it The scopes of AMAT are to programme drama, dance, music and circus performances, support artistic creativity in the performing arts, promote initiatives addressed to schools and universities and encourage contemporary approaches AMAT promotes shows, conferences and editorial projects that help the consolidation and growth of the audience and works to implement originality and research with an interdisciplinary approach.

During the UpCreate project and the IO 3 AMAT will produce a competition brief that will describe a specific topic within the frame of Theatre, Performance and Food and their specific context at AMAT AMAT will promote the competition locally and nationally for young people to participate and engage with their own history, while answering the brief and thereby developing new and innovative solutions to engage with our shared cultural heritage and their own legacy The participants will, during the UpCreate Art of Theatre Performance Competition period, be provided with specifically tailored Digital Educational Material, which includes the opportunity to participate in online lectures by the project partners ie Art historians, architects, artistic performance groups, chefs etc to secure a broad and interdisciplinary approach This will provide the participants with the opportunity to develop new action competencies as well as experiences, new
knowledge and a wide range of digital formal, informal, and non formal learning methods and approaches via various materials It is the ambition that the interdisciplinary learning tools will further inspire the level of creativity and innovative ideas that sparks entrepreneurship among the young participants in their local environment It will furthermore contribute to the recovery resilience of the association as they embrace new and innovative practices to present their initiatives.

During the competition period, AMAT will continuously engage with the participants by facilitating digital meetings in the plenum and individually, for the participants to be heard and get constructive feedback on their contributions This, to secure an iterative process in regard to the learning outcome, as well as a social interactive possibility and way to communicate.

AMAT will select a winner of the UpCreate Art of Theatre Performance Competition at a local Multiplier Event (E 6 which will be live-streamed through the UpCreate website (www up create eu) The Multiplier Event will be facilitated by AMAT and will present UpCreate, the UpCreate Art of Theatre Performance Competition, the different solutions and finalise the event by electing a winner to the broad public in the local environment The winner will present their entry or pilot version of their solution at the Multiplier Event (E 6 The winner of the UpCreate Art of Theatre Performance Competition will be given an opportunity to participate in the UpCreate workshop at the International Art Biennale 2022 in Venice (IO 8 and promote the solution in the final UpCreate Handbook (IO 9 and the UpCreate Booklet (IO 7).

Finally, IO 3 and AMAT will develop manuals for The Art of Theatre Performance and the activities developed throughout the IO 3 in cluding learning tools and facilitation procedures to the UpCreate Art of Theatre Performance Competition The manuals will include how to guides for working within the frame of Theatre, Performance and Food, and for implementing in other European museums and recommendations for up or downscaling The manual will be developed by AMAT in collaboration with IO 9 leader Aalborg University and will provide pedagogical considerations and recommendations securing not only the dissemination and transferability of the IO 3 The Art of Theatre Performance but also the sustainability of the UpCreate

Leading Organisation: Associazione Marchigiana Attività Teatrali (AMAT)
Start & End date 1.4.2021 – 31.12.2022