Output identification: O1

Output Title: The UpCreate Framework

Output description: Intellectual Output 1 (IO1) is led by Aalborg University (AAU) and aims to develop, design and coordinate the production of the overall project methodology, approaches, practical setups and Digital Educational Materials.

The Intellectual Output 1 – the UpCreate Framework (IO1) will be based on the unique competencies, facilities and knowledge available within the interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral partnership of the project. It is the diverse, but complementary skills, perspectives and innovative potentials of the partners that will secure an innovative project with a new focus on creativity, European cultural heritage and citizenship. The IO1 will develop a framework from which the UpCreate interdisciplinary and intersectoral partnership will take its point of departure.

The IO1 will implement a Problem-Based-Learning (PBL) approach, as the methodology creates the possibility for an all-inclusive picture of influential factors impacting the young people participating, the cultural institutions they are interacting with, the learning situation they will engage in, and the innovative solutions they will come up with. This also supports the holistic approach and understanding of creativity, Food and Arts, which the project holds. By building on the PBL approach the project will embody an iterative process, supporting the idea that all initial perceptions are under constant development, and, as new knowledge and perspectives are developed within the project, will develop themselves. This is also the case for the various assessment tools for testing and evaluating the project results and the project impact along the way.

The IO1 will lay the foundation of the project by developing, coordinating and continuously evaluating the overall structure of the Up-  Create Competitions that will be implemented and conducted in the IO2-IO6. Through the UpCreate Competitions, the project will link together education, young people and the cultural and creative sectors with food, and create new innovative participatory activities for young Europeans, while stimulating intercultural dialogue. IO1 will, in addition, create the overall structure for how the UpCreate Competitions will be concluded and presented. Furthermore, the IO1 will develop, evaluate and administer the development of the UpCreate l  lectures/materials/information for both partners and participants. This material will take the form of both digital as well as classical learn-  ing tools and resources that promote creativity, culture and intercultural dialogue. The UpCreate educational material will include both the development and production of general project information, as well as the development distribution and evaluation of the specific  Digital Educational Material, which includes lectures and supervision related to each Project Competition. This is made in collaboration with the responsible partners.