The great and inspiring work that took place during the workshop week in Venice was conducted and lead by Davide Calvarsi and Valeria Colonnella both from the Italian performance group 78 chili. The two artists had developed the program in cooperation with AMAT, and were in dialogue and training sequences many hours each day with the participants about the 5 food and art themes we worked with.

TEAM 1/BREAD: Ana Porok, Erik Pollini and Kalinka Ranfelt-Tørngren.
TEAM 2/LASAGNA: AlmaDìs Kristindòttir, Vladislav Gaspari and Fie Marie Kastrup Lindgaard.
TEAM 3/HERBS & SPICES: Morten Solvik, Francesca Persichini and Victoria Björk Ferrell.
TEAM 4/MARILLEKNÖDEL: Daniele Sepe, Lan Verko and Gabriel Backman Waltersson.
TEAM 5/COFFEE: Kirstine Bjerrum Voetmann, Manca Bogataj and Carl Tertio Druml.

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