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Kirstine Bjerrum Voetmann is a project manager at the Art Museums of Skagen with previous experience in architecture, strategic development planning and process design. She has an educational background from Aarhus School of Architecture and KABK, the Royal Academy of Art the Hague.

Two years ago, the Art Museums of Skagen began a radical organisational change from a traditional “silo split” structure to a project-based structure. Kirstine was employed as the museum’s first project manager to help implement this new – and completely innovative – way of running a museum, allowing the museum to work far more agile and interdisciplinary. On a day-to-day basis, Kirstine’s job is to operate the economy, time and resources of different projects at the museum. Most recently, she was the leader of the exhibition “Krøyer and Paris – French Connections and Nordic Colours”, which was the museum’s greatest and most prestigious international exhibition to date.