Renzo Andreon was born in Venice on 12th May 1948. During the late sixties and early seventies, he attended various workshops on sculpture and engraving techniques at the International School of Graphic Arts in Venice. As graphic designer, he created the visual brand identity of several Italian companies. In collaboration with well-known Murano glass factories, he designed decorative objects and lighting for famous stylists. As art director, he worked with some of the most prominent glassblowing masters to create glass sculptures, designed by renowned international artists.

Driven by his lifelong passion for painting, he started to exhibit his works of art in 1973, combining his unique creativity and in-depth technical research in his works. Renzo Andreon’s works can be found in public and private collections, museums and art galleries. For all of his numerous solo exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad, Renzo Adreon has carefully selected art galleries and exhibition spaces that could emphasize his personal, intimate attraction towards landscapes. During his career, he realised large frescos in villas, and some of his paintings decorate the interiors of the Princess cruise ships.

“Renzo has the unique talent to pitch the reality starting from empirical data, which then become like theatres to the soul, meaningful representation of tangible metaphysics” – Silvio Fuso