I am an architect engineer educated from Aalborg University with a master’s in architectural design. Recently I moved to Aarhus – the City of Smiles.

Through my education and latest work for PlusArkitekter I am trained in interdisciplinary methods with a variety of tools and approaches when designing. I am inspired when architecture becomes a conversation between the subject and the object, between the human body and the physical form. Inspired by my work with experienced architects such as CUBO Arkitekter I understand good design and architecture as the combination of parts of which the outcome is better. The combination of environmental and social sustainability, restrictions and aesthetics, form and function, building and context.

My design strategy is rooted in a phenomenological approach based on inherent qualities and potentials ready to be seen and articulated as experiences and atmospheres which not only affects basic needs but also becomes a process to understand oneself and our relations with the surrounding world.