I’m Francesca Persichini and my name perfectly fits to me, as it means “freedom” and I want to break free, as my most-loved Queen’s song says. I’m currently working on my graduation thesis in communication sciences and I chose Céline Sciamma’s movies as the main topic. She is a french director and screenwriter that I deeply admire and I look at her as my source of inspiration. Writing has always been my passion; in fact, I like writing about anything comes up to my mind (dreams, nightmares, feelings, stories). Recently, I have started studying acting and I’m also practicing modern dance. I have sharpened my critical thinking through reading, theatre, movies and tv series; rap music is my favourite and if I had to describe myself, I would say that I am an extremely reflective, careful, self-critical, brave person. I’m also very expressive and a big supporter of women’s rights.