My name is Lan Verko, I was born on December 23, 2004 in Celje. In addition to elementary school, I also graduated from the junior music school in solo singing. At the age of 14, my brother and I won the 1st show Mali Šef Slovenije, a fun cooking show for children, which I am very proud of. I am currently attending the 4th year of the High School for Hospitality and Tourism in Maribor, majoring in gastronomy. In my 3rd year, I did an internship at Restaurant Atelje in Ljubljana, under the direction of Jorg Zupan, which is a recipient of a Michelin star. Last year, within the framework of the school, I participated in a creative culinary competition for young people, Tastes from Plečnik’s Garden, where my plate of Plečnik’s architectural tastes won, along with another dessert. I also participated in the International Culinary Festival Biser Mora on Brač. At the moment, in addition to cooking, I am also involved in football, namely I am a football referee.