Carl Tertio Druml

The music of the Austrian composer Carl Tertio Druml draws on his divers background in music theory, jazz, popular and theatre music. Ensemble Modern, for example, premiered his chamber opera Wiener Ménage 2019 in Frankfurt, and festivals such as the Tiroler Festspiele Erl and the Chigiana Music Festival in Siena premiered his pieces. At the same time, he still works in Jazz and popular music and will cooperate in December 2022 for the second time with the big band Nouvelle Cuisine. Carl Tertio Druml started his musical education in Amsterdam und has been studying composition with Judit Varga at the university for music in Vienna. He took a master class with Salvatore Sciarrino. He has a master's degree in philosophy, one in theatre studies and was a fellow of the Akademie Musiktheater Heute (2017-19). He has been singing at the extra choir of the Vienna State Opera since 2019.

Erik Pollini

I am passionate about art in all its forms, recently graduated and willing to take the first steps in the world of work. After the wonderful experience of the “food & memory workshop” which made me discover the magic of the theater, I would like to explore even more projects related to art and creativity! Birth date, place: Born 03. December 2003, Urbino, Italy Education: Art High School "Scuola del Libro", Urbino Hobbies: Volleyball, which I have been playing for 8 years, watching videos and online conferences, reading books and comics, watching movies, especially animated films and writing texts about my experiences and thoughts. Awards: Winner of the award in collaboration with disney “creativity award” together with my class in alternating school-work” business in action” 2020/2021 with JA ITALIA and one of the winners of the UP-CREATE "food & memory workshop".

Fie Marie Kastrup Lindgaard

Fie Marie Kastrup Lindgaard (b. 2002) is a visual artist from Aalborg, Denmark, where she also lives. She is currently a second-year student at BGK Nord. In her artistic practice, Lindgaard explores different mediums, primarily painting, sculpture and installation. Currently, she works a lot with textile and yarn, as part of a broader interest in creating artworks that spark different sensory inputs. Lindgaards practice is often very process-oriented, as she takes great interest in discovering the feelings and possibilities that may unfold along the way. Although she creates different types of works, themes often include the concept of belonging, and often, the works carry an outer-worldly and playful feel.  

Francesca Persichini

I’m Francesca Persichini and my name perfectly fits to me, as it means “freedom” and I want to break free, as my most-loved Queen's song says. I’m currently working on my graduation thesis in communication sciences and I chose Céline Sciamma's movies as the main topic. She is a french director and screenwriter that I deeply admire and I look at her as my source of inspiration. Writing has always been my passion; in fact, I like writing about anything comes up to my mind (dreams, nightmares, feelings, stories). Recently, I have started studying acting and I'm also practicing modern dance. I have sharpened my critical thinking through reading, theatre, movies and tv series; rap music is my favourite and if I had to describe myself, I would say that I am an extremely reflective, careful, self-critical, brave person. I’m also very expressive and a big supporter of women's rights.

Gabriel Backman Waltersson

Gabriel Backman Waltersson (b. 2000, Reykjavík) is currently pursuing his 2nd year of studies in the Fine Arts department of the Icelandic University of the Arts. Through his practice he utilizes different mediums to sketch out and react to observations on surroundings, behaviours and interactions. Ranging from observations on the every-day life on a private scope to larger sociological speculations, his means of “sketching” and thinking things through by use of different mediums often result in the creation of a different phenomenon not seemingly derived from the observed source.

Kalinka Ranfeldt-Tørngren

Kalinka Ranfelt-Tørngren is a 19-year-old Danish artist who likes to explore and expand the boundaries of art. Painting and clay-sculpturing is her primary artform, though sewing, print, drawing, and performance art are some of the methods she enjoys working with. Living in Aalborg, she tries fill up her everyday with as much creativity as possible. The sensing of the human body is detrimental to her artwork. She seeks out inspiration in nature, which results in an art-process influenced by senses where music is used to create a certain atmosphere.

Lan Verko

My name is Lan Verko, I was born on December 23, 2004 in Celje. In addition to elementary school, I also graduated from the junior music school in solo singing. At the age of 14, my brother and I won the 1st show Mali Šef Slovenije, a fun cooking show for children, which I am very proud of. I am currently attending the 4th year of the High School for Hospitality and Tourism in Maribor, majoring in gastronomy. In my 3rd year, I did an internship at Restaurant Atelje in Ljubljana, under the direction of Jorg Zupan, which is a recipient of a Michelin star. Last year, within the framework of the school, I participated in a creative culinary competition for young people, Tastes from Plečnik's Garden, where my plate of Plečnik's architectural tastes won, along with another dessert. I also participated in the International Culinary Festival Biser Mora on Brač. At the moment, in addition to cooking, I am also involved in football, namely I am a football referee.  


My name is Manca Bogataj. I am 24 years old. I am from Slovenia. After elementay school i decided to study pastry so i finished school for confectioner and later for gastronomy. after school i got a job in French pastry shop Fetiche Patisserie in the center of Ljubljana, where i did get a lot off new knowlage with a help off the boss and the team. Some of my knowlage also come from courses that i attended like: vegan cakes- richard hawke, chocolate decorations- albert davi, panettone- oriol portabella serra…

Victoria Björk

Victoria Björk (b. 1998) graduated her studies from the Fine Arts Department of the Icelandic University of the Arts last spring. With her practice she explores the elasticity of time and its effect on the environment and its beings. Inspired by the mysteries of the unknown; she observes her surroundings as if they’re traces of performances left behind in the environment, imagining the narratives of what may have been and what might become.

Vladislav Gaspari

Hello world! The name is Vladislav, I'm 18 and I live in Italy.  I love playing videogames, and one of my dreams is to become a Game Designer and making my own game. I'm at my last year of school before university, but I also work as a video maker for various youtubers and streamers. I consider myself an imaginative one, who likes to write lot of stories and lore, and that's the reason why I often take part to writing contest organized by my school!

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