Aisha Susanne Hjorth Nielsen

Aisha Susanne Nielsen is an industrial design engineer and has expertise in aspects such as codesign, interdisciplinarity, project leadership, and collaboration. With several years in project management both design projects, workshops, and current research projects at her current job at the AAU Design Lab at Aalborg University she has a well-rounded understanding of matters of creativity, planning, and entrepreneurship. By working and collaborating with experienced designers such as HT & Co and as an Assistant to Anna Marie Fisker, she has developed strong skills in locating needs, analyzing, and delivering.

AlmaDís Kristinsdóttir

Partner in UPCREATE.

AlmaDís Kristinsdóttir (b. 1969) is director of The Einar Jónsson Museum (, Iceland’s first art museum open to the public on its own premises. The Museum has a mystical aura and is surrounded by a sculpture garden in central Reykjavík. The collection comprises more than 350 works of art by Einar Jónsson (1874 –1954), a pioneer in Icelandic visual art.

AlmaDís holds a PhD in museum studies, M.Ed. in education and B.F.A. in design. Her research focus is practice based, using critical and reflective inquiry. AlmaDís has been a part-time lecturer for many years in the museum studies programme at University of Iceland and the Iceland University of the Arts. She has worked in museums for over 25 years among them the Denver Art Museum; the Reykjavík Art Museum; the Reykjavík City Museum and the Akureyri Art Museum. AlmaDís has also directed the Norwegian house – a regional museum of Snaefellsnes.

Ana Porok

Partner in UPCREATE.

Ana Porok, Curator of Architecture and Design, Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana – Plečnik House

Ana Porok graduated in Art History at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, in 2001. She worked as the Curator of the Plečnik Collection at the Architecture Museum of Ljubljana from 2002 to 2011. Since then, she has been a Curator for Architecture and Design at the Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana. Her work involves editing, documenting, and collecting sources on the life and work of the most important Slovene architect Jože Plečnik. As a work group member, she contributed to the inscription of Plečnik’s works in Ljubljana to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2021. Throughout the last decade, she has been involved in every major exhibition focusing on Plečnik. Currently, she is collaborating on various projects focused on presenting and popularising Slovenian architectural heritage, while her research is centered on selected architectural projects.  She has been awarded several times for her work.


Anna Marie Fisker

Project leader in UPCREATE. Professor at Department of the Built Environment, Aalborg University, Denmark.

Anna Marie Fisker, Architect maa, PhD, currently holds the position as director of Center for Food Science, Design & Experience. Her research focuses on issues of architectural theory and history, design, food, aesthetics and cultural heritagewith a protracted curriculum in teaching in these subjects.

Anna Marie Fisker has been curator at several Art and Architectural Biennale projects in Venice. She has a large curriculum of external financed research projects related to design, architecture, food and cultural heritage at Aalborg University, and she has been lead-partner in several EU partnerships working with cultural heritage, art, food, design and architecture.

Anna Marie Fisker is the author of more than 100 scientific articles.

Daniela Rimei

Partner in UPCREATE.

Responsible for audience development implementation at AMAT (Associazione Marchigiana Attività Teatrali), the Marche Region’s Interdisciplinary Circuit of Theatre, Dance, Music, and Contemporary Circus.

After bachelor graduation in Art and Culture Modern Languages from the “Carlo Bo” University of Urbino in 2007, Daniela started working for AMAT where she is primarily involved in the field of audience development widening and diversifying audiences but also deepening relationship with them. She participates in international projects and has professional experience in community project coordination.

Daniele Sepe

Partner in UPCREATE.

Vice-Director of AMAT (Associazione Marchigiana Attività Teatrali), the Marche Region’s Interdisciplinary Circuit of Theatre, Dance, Music, and Contemporary Circus. He has been working for the Association since 2005 after bachelor graduation in Art and Culture Modern Languages from the “Carlo Bo” University of Urbino with a thesis on the History of Theatre and Performance entitled “The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative”, a creative collaboration program with the participation of emerging artists and established masters in the performing and visual arts. At AMAT he is primarily involved in programming, with particular regard to dance, contemporary theatre and international activities as the organizing manager of the Civitanova Dance Festival and coordinator of actions in support of creativity that include creative residencies and promotional activities for the theatre season. He has been a member of the Anticorpi XL network Promotor Committee since 2007. He participates in the ideation and management of international and interdisciplinary projects approved in the context of European Union Programs (Culture; Creative Europe; Youth in Action; Erasmus+).

Davide Calvaresi

Davide Calvaresi, artist and choreographer, has been leading the company 7-8 Chili since 2005, producing works that received important recognitions: finalist at the Rome Equilibrio Award 2013, special mention to the National Award Scenario Infanzia 2011, Nuove Sensibilità award 2010, Prospettiva Danza award 2015 (together with Irene Russolillo for the project MAP). As from 2010 he is supported by Amat (Marche Region Association of Performing Arts); and since 2014, Marche Teatro has produced three of his works among which Hand Play, promoted by the project Teatri del Tempo Presente of the Italian Ministry of Culture, and selected at the IETM Spring Plenary Meeting Bergamo 2015

His short film Olmo won the Golden Globe 2019.

Hans Ramsgaard Møller

Hans has a strong passion for layout and typesetting and has worked on many projects, small and large. He has participated several times at the Biennale in Venice on different projects.

Hans has been working professionally as an architect since 2014. First within residential and hospitality architecture in Berlin and since 2016 within retail architecture in Copenhagen as a project leader. Hans did his education as architect from Architecture and Design at Aalborg University.

Julie Riisberg Mikkelsen

My name is Julie, I am an Industrial design engineer educated from Denmark and is currently living in Milan.

I am a strong believer in teamwork and usage of methodologies in order to manage both the complex design process and fast-paced sprints.

My design approach is designing for the user and how their physical and psychological needs influence the products behaviour, aesthetics, and usability. I am highly inspired by nature, art, and science in my work.

My passion of design is implementing strategies in manner of innovation, business, and sustainability into the iterative design process with results of a stronger outcome of a product.

Katja Seerup Clausen

Partner in UPCREATE.

Chief Operations Officer | ALCHEMIST
Katja Seerup Clausen’s lifelong interest in food and gastronomy spread into her professional life more than 10 years ago; first via her food blogs and studies, and later as an independent specialist in food related project management, communication and events, and various jobs within food and gastronomy.

In Katja’s current position as COO of the two-star Michelin restaurant Alchemist in Copenhagen, Denmark, she is involved in and responsible for everything that goes on behind the scenes. From recruiting and onboarding of new staff to planning and executing small- and large-scale projects inhouse and with external partners. Katja holds a master’s degree in Integrated Food Studies specialized in food events and a bachelor’s degree in Food Science specialized in project management and food theatre. She is a member of the Danish Gastronomic Academy and has been involved in the planning and executing of several high-profile food events in Denmark and in the US.

Kirstine Bjerrum Voetmann

Partner in UPCREATE.

Kirstine Bjerrum Voetmann is a project manager at the Art Museums of Skagen with previous experience in architecture, strategic development planning and process design. She has an educational background from Aarhus School of Architecture and KABK, the Royal Academy of Art the Hague.

Two years ago, the Art Museums of Skagen began a radical organisational change from a traditional “silo split” structure to a project-based structure. Kirstine was employed as the museum’s first project manager to help implement this new – and completely innovative – way of running a museum, allowing the museum to work far more agile and interdisciplinary. On a day-to-day basis, Kirstine’s job is to operate the economy, time and resources of different projects at the museum. Most recently, she was the leader of the exhibition “Krøyer and Paris – French Connections and Nordic Colours”, which was the museum’s greatest and most prestigious international exhibition to date.

Magnus Schrøder Pedersen

I am an architect engineer educated from Aalborg University with a master’s in architectural design. Recently I moved to Aarhus – the City of Smiles.

Through my education and latest work for PlusArkitekter I am trained in interdisciplinary methods with a variety of tools and approaches when designing. I am inspired when architecture becomes a conversation between the subject and the object, between the human body and the physical form. Inspired by my work with experienced architects such as CUBO Arkitekter I understand good design and architecture as the combination of parts of which the outcome is better. The combination of environmental and social sustainability, restrictions and aesthetics, form and function, building and context.

My design strategy is rooted in a phenomenological approach based on inherent qualities and potentials ready to be seen and articulated as experiences and atmospheres which not only affects basic needs but also becomes a process to understand oneself and our relations with the surrounding world.

Mark Pimlott

Mark Pimlott (b 1958) is an artist, designer, writer, and teacher. He is Assistant Professor in the Chair of Interiors Buildings Cities, Faculty of
Architecture and the Built Environment at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. Pimlott studied architecture at McGill University, Montréal (1981), and the Architectural Association, London (1985), and visual art at Goldsmiths’ College, University of London (1992). His practice incorporates photography, installation, art for public places, and architectural design. Central to his concerns is art and architecture’s responsibilities towards creating conditions for individual and collective freedoms in imagination, association, agency and action. Among his realised projects are ‘World’ at BBC Broadcasting House, London (2013) and ‘La scala’, Aberystwyth (2003).

His work has been exhibited internationally, including the twelfth Biennale internazionale di architettura di Venezia (2010) in collaboration with Tony Fretton. He is the author of ‘Without and within: essays on territory and the interior’ (2007); ‘In passing: Mark Pimlott photographs’ (2010), and ‘The Public Interior as Idea and Project’ (2016). He is currently working on two books: ‘A Walk from here to an other’ (2023) and ‘Means to a beginning’ (2023). He lives and works in The Hague, Netherlands.

Morten Solvik

Partner in UPCREATE.

Morten Solvik is a musicologist and international educator. A native of Norway, he received his education in the US (Cornell and UPenn) before moving to Austria, where he currently resides. Solvik’s research focuses on the connections between music and culture, especially with regard to Gustav Mahler. He is active as an author, book editor, speaker, host and producer of webcasts, and contributor to productions for radio and television. He is the co-founder and Artistic Director of the Gustav Mahler Festival in Steinbach am Attersee and Board Director and Vice President of Mahler Foundation. Solvik serves as Center Director and Cluster Dean of Central Europe for IES Abroad Vienna, a study abroad program for US university students.

Patrick Ronge Vinther

I’m a practicing architect, a passionate photographer, a proud father, and a grateful husband – living in central Jutland (DK) with my family in an old house on a hill, which we’ve have been naively renovating for the past 4 years.

Since graduating from Aalborg University in 2014 with a master’s in architectural design, I have been working with architecture in all its complicated glory – ranging from bespoke smaller scale residential projects and birdhouses to high-rises and swim stadiums.

Alongside architecture I am deeply fascinated about the art of photography, which I have been working with professionally for about a decade. It’s with a humble respect that I seek to frame and capture life, emotions, art and people with a small piece of curved glass and a mirror. It’s also a path from with a can nourish a deep longing towards staying curious in life and being.

Renzo Andreon

Renzo Andreon was born in Venice on 12th May 1948. During the late sixties and early seventies, he attended various workshops on sculpture and engraving techniques at the International School of Graphic Arts in Venice. As graphic designer, he created the visual brand identity of several Italian companies. In collaboration with well-known Murano glass factories, he designed decorative objects and lighting for famous stylists. As art director, he worked with some of the most prominent glassblowing masters to create glass sculptures, designed by renowned international artists.

Driven by his lifelong passion for painting, he started to exhibit his works of art in 1973, combining his unique creativity and in-depth technical research in his works. Renzo Andreon’s works can be found in public and private collections, museums and art galleries. For all of his numerous solo exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad, Renzo Adreon has carefully selected art galleries and exhibition spaces that could emphasize his personal, intimate attraction towards landscapes. During his career, he realised large frescos in villas, and some of his paintings decorate the interiors of the Princess cruise ships.

“Renzo has the unique talent to pitch the reality starting from empirical data, which then become like theatres to the soul, meaningful representation of tangible metaphysics” – Silvio Fuso

Valeria Colonnella

Valeria Colonnella is an illustrator. She attended the school of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan and a master at the School of Fine Arts of Macerata. She is part of 7-8chili art collective since 2005. She runs creative workshops for adults and children.

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