As a result of a fantastic competition the jury proclaimed not one but two winners, Victoria Björk Ferrell and Gabriel Backman Waltersson in a memorable moment for the audience and young participants in the garden of the Einar Jónsson Sculpture Museum.
Artist Sindri Leifsson who mentored the workshop said on behalf of the jury:


The level of quality of all the participant‘s works was very high and the jury had a difficult time deciding on a single winner for the competition. All of the artists have worked in close proximity to the sculpture garden and had on going conversations with each other throughout the week. Thank you all for your contribution and an excellent week together at LEJ.

Victoria Björk Ferrell

Very interesting process of finding the relationship between bread and butter – the bread being thought of as a vessel for enjoying the taste of butter. The butter has a very long list of ingredients as can be seen in the title of the work. Some of which are sourced right here in the garden. There is an element of fleeting or disappearing in the work as the fatty sculpture will slowly dissolve into the mouths of the exhibition guests.


Gabriel Backman Waltersson

Meticulous on aesthetic choices, working with the bakers of Brauð & Co. on finding solutions. Working in close relations with the garden and it‘s flaura and fauna. The bread beads might disappear from the work at some point by being eaten by the birds and the wildlife that is very present here in the garden.