This Saturday we kickstarted the collaboration between the Art Museums of Skagen and the Cultural School Aalborg, BGK-Nord, with a workshop on art, nature, food and community. The aspiring artists were to investigate Skagen and the surroundings as a resource of artistic motifs, produce and inspiration.


The first workshop day started in the museum, where art communicator Kresten Langvold inspired the group with the story of Brøndum’s Dining Room and how festive meals and community were central to the creation of the artist colony. 

For lunch, we ate our fill of local ingredients at Baghaven. Hereafter, co-owner and baker Maciek Oleksy took us on herb hunt at Skagen Sønderstrand and Skovbrynet by Bøjlevej. Within 2 hours, Maciek opened the eyes of the young artists to an entire new world of wild and fresh ingredients; tasting wild carrots, reindeer lichen, beach moth, fresh garlic, rose hip leaves, beach mustard, ferns, spruce-fir and many more that Maciek uses in his kitchen. The enthusiasm would not end!


On Sunday, the group of young artists started sketching ideas based on their meeting with culture and nature. 

Together with the host there were many great discussions about the sources of inspiration; one artist was inspired by the strong gusts of wind, another focused on the overload of linen clothing in the shop windows, whilst a third loved the colour scheme of yellow houses and blue skies.

Both the Art Museums of Skagen, Baghaven and BGK-Nord, took inspiration and enthusiasm from the workshop. 

We are incredibly excited to see how the art pieces develop over the summer.